View of Lake Pennesseewassee from Roberts Farm

About the Norway Triathlon

A Triathlon is an athletic event that combines swimming, bicycle riding, and running. Competitors will begin with a 0.62 mile (1 km) swim on a triangular course on Lake Pennesseewassee from the public beach area on Route 118. Upon return to the beach, the swimmers will then mount their bikes for a 16.78 mile (27 km) ride up 118 and the Greenwood Road through Nobles corner along the rolling hills of northern Norway. Then turning around and heading back to the Public Beach area to begin the 3.38 mile (5.44 km) run along Route 117 and into the Roberts farm trails and back to the Public Beach area to the finish. Some will compete in relays with different competitors doing each leg of the race. Racers of all abilities are encouraged to compete. After the race, there will be food for competitors and volunteers. Elsewhere in Maine, there are several triathlons conducted throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall. The Norway Tri will become one in a series of Maine triathlons.

The Purpose of the Norway Triathlon

The Norway Tri sets an example of a healthy, active lifestyle. It is an educational activity that promotes proper nutrition and exercise as a means to a happier lifestyle for local citizens and visitors. Celebrating its seventh year, the Tri is a fun event for racers, family and friends.

Norway is situated in the picturesque lake and mountain region of south western Maine. The natural beauty of the area is a valuable economic resource for a flourishing eco-tourism based economy. The annual Norway Tri bring visitors to the region to experience this natural beauty, benefiting local businesses and economy. Proceeds from the race will go to the Western Foothills Land Trust, to be used to maintain and enhance the area’s natural resources through their conservation activities. The vision is a balance of economic development and the preservation of the natural beauty of the region.

The 165-acre Roberts Farm Preserve is one of the current projects of the Land Trust. The goals of the Preserve are to permanently protect the rural viewscape from Lake Pennesseewassee, to manage and nurture a mixed woodland habitat, and to provide a venue for healthy recreation for the community. Since 2009, the Trust has constructed 12k of grassed and groomed non-motorized trails on site. This February a timber framed warming hut was completed.